Budget – employees


In TimeLog you can set up goals for your employees' performance.


The Budget – employees report is used to set goals for each employee’s added value. Goal figures can be set for Reg. (EUR), Inv. (EUR), external % of normal working hours, and the employee’s average hourly rate.

The target figures are compared to the realised numbers, and show a graphic presentation of the findings in the report Key Performance Index (KPI).

View of Employee Performance

  • In the View options you can choose the Department you want to set up goals for.
  • Select Period.
  • Under Viewing options, select budget types: Reg. (EUR)/Inv. (EUR)External % of norm or Average Hourly Rate.
  • By selecting Reg. (EUR) and Inv. (EUR), each employee’s registered and invoiced hours are shown at the bottom of the screen for the chosen period.
  • Click Show to update the view.
  • Below each month, a goal is set for each employee.
  • Click Update to update the budget.
Last updated 07 Jun 2023