Our customers’ feedback is essential for us

At TimeLog, our customers come first.

Twice a year, all our customers receive a customer satisfaction survey, so we can receive your feedback on how we can improve TimeLog, and which features we should develop next.

We believe that a strong cooperation between us and our customers is the way to secure the best TimeLog system. Therefore, we spent a lot of time collecting, reading and answering each single reply. All this to give you the best TimeLog system supporting you in performing your work in the most efficient way possible.

The customer satisfaction survey is your change to give us your honest opinion about TimeLog, and we would appreciate to receive it.

Increased focus on user-friendliness and stability

Our latest customer satisfaction surveys show that our customers want a more user-friendly and stable TimeLog. Therefore, we spend most of our capacity in the development department to improve system stability and user-friendliness.

”Our customers are TimeLog experts. They work with the product every day and know where there is room for improvement. Only with their help, we can reach our target of being the world’s best PSA software" - Christoffer Lanstorp, Head of Product Management

Features developed based on customer satisfaction surveys

The system administrator’s changes are visible right away
Based on our customers’ feedback in the customer satisfaction surveys, we have e.g. improved the system, so the system administrator’s changes to roles, privileges and pages are visible right away. Before, you had to log out and into TimeLog to see the changes.

Improved timesheet view
Another example is our new compact timesheet view, which we also developed based on the feedback we received in customer satisfaction surveys.

It works as an alternative to the default timesheet, but provides a better overview, as we have changed the design and removed a lot of empty space as requested by a lot of our customers.

Better manageable hourly rates handling
A third example is our new hourly rates handling, which we work on improving these days. Here our customers have expressed that the current handling is difficult to understand and not flexible to use.

With your reply, you can help us improve the system even further. We are on a journey towards a more user-friendly and stable TimeLog, and we hope you would like to join the ride, so we can offer you the best and most user-friendly TimeLog system.