Key Performance Index


The Key Performance Index (KPI) is used to show key numbers for employees and the company. The KPI report incorporates graphs and figures to clearly communicate the numbers.


How to use KPI

  • Select an employee in the drop-down menu Employees. Default settings display the logged in employee.
  • Select time period in the fields. Default settings display the current month. The view can be expanded by ticking Compare with previous two months.
  • Click Show to update the screen display.
  • Key numbers for employees and the company are updated using the link Budget - employees and Budget – company. This is available to System Administrators only.
  • In the overview of the last 12 months, Reg. (EUR) is displayed in light brown, and Inv. (EUR) is displayed in dark brown.
  • In the monthly display Reg. (EUR) is displayed with a white arrow, and Inv. (EUR) is displayed with a grey arrow.
  • The red section of the column indicates the values below the budgeted key number, and the green section shows the values over budget.
  • If the mouse is held over a column, arrow or other central point on the 12-month figure, the precise value is shown.
  • The settings for the KPI report are configured in the System Administration.


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Last updated 07 Jun 2023