Project plans


This report shows the most important project information, including who the project manager is, schedules for different project tasks and the total hourly budget and time consumption.


View options

  • Select the desired Project from the drop-down menu. The list shows only the projects to which you have been allocated.
  • Select the desired Viewing option. Table lists all project tasks in table format, while Gantt chart shows them graphically.
  • Click the View button to generate the report using the selected view option.
  • The report shows the selected project's key information and project tasks.
  • Click any figure in the Reg. column to view all time registrations on that task.
  • Selecting Gantt charts under View options shows the project's key information and project tasks as a graphical presentation of the task period.
  • The red tongue indicates that the amount of time registered on the task exceeds the amount of time allocated.
  • If you hover over a task, a pop-up window shows you the task name, period, WBS no. and employee initials of the employee(s) who have tracked their time on the project.
  • Use the arrows in the right corner to zoom in and out of the graphical view or move it back and forth in time.


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Last updated 16 Feb 2023