Salary management


The salary administration is for you who allocate vacation days and keep track of balances on flex, maternity leave and non-compensated absence. It is also here you reset or adjust the employees' balances.



On the top of the page in Filter, you select the criteria you want to search for.

The filter is divided into two areas:

Here you select the criteria you want to base your search on, e.g. department, salary group, employee and salary account. You need to select a salary account and a period in the filter to be able to perform the search.

View options:
Here you may select different parameters to narrow down your search.

  • Show all columns: Mark this option, if you would like to see e.g. comments on the postings

Salary postings

In the results list, we will list the search results. You need to look at them as a bank account, where you make a deposit (when you make an adjustment or e.g. allocate vacations), and the employees withdraw from the account through their registrations and normal working time.

From the list you can:

  • Get an overview of all postings
  • Collapse the results and get a simple overview

When clicking the burger menu next to each employee, you can:

Above the results list, you have an action menu, which can help you add adjustments or reset balances for several employees at once and delete manual adjustments.

If you have set up salary rules with automatic accumulation, the system adds the accumulations as adjustments to the salary account. To ensure the right documentation for the process, you cannot delete or correct the automatic postings. Instead, you can add a reset via the burger menu next to the automatically accumulated adjustment. You can also make a manual adjustment to correct the accumulation.

Special remarks

The setup of the different salary accounts and salary groups is done by your system administrator in the system administration.

If you need to set it up according to different collective agreements and have mane different salary accounts, we recommend to get assistance from one of our skilled consultant, who can help you get the correct setup from the beginning. You may read more about your options here.

Personal settings

It is possible to save your filters, so you do not need to set your filter manually each time you need to perform a search.

Click the small arrow next to the Show button and select Save this filter. Hereafter, you will always be able to find your saved filter, if you click the small arrow.

If you have a filter, which you wish to use as default, you can set it under Page settings (click the gears icon in the top right corner), where you can select from your saved filters. If you mark Load data automatically, then the data will show in the results list right away, when you access the page.

Last updated 21 Jun 2023