Reset salary account for a single employee


In the salary management pageyou can reset a salary account for a single employee.


The reset is used e.g. at the turn of the year, where a new balance needs to be counted on the single salary accounts.

Based on the data you select, the system adds a registration with the opposite value of the balance.

In the comment fields you can e.g. add a text where you explain the reason for the rest. It is a good help for you and your employee, so you at a later time can remember which agreement you made. The comment is visible in the personal salaried time report.

Once done, you click the Save button.

Special remarks

When you reset a salary account, the system will automatically create a new posting on the salary account for the selected day. New posting = -1 * the balance for the day before the reset date. In this way, the balance on the day will be 0 + the balance from the day itself.

Example: If you would like to make a reset e.g. at the turn of the year, you set the date to 1. January.

Please note that if new postings are created before the reset date either by tracking time or doing a manual adjustment, it will not result in a new reset of the salary account. This may influence the balance and the selected day may not be 0.

Last updated 21 Jun 2023