Public holiday calendars


Public holiday calendars in the system administration -> Employees are used to show e.g. which days the company is closed and influences among other things the flex calculation. You may create many different calendars and differentiate between your employees in this way.


If your company has departments in several countries, it is an advantage for you to create a public holiday calendar per country to ensure the employees only receive the public holiday calendars relevant for them.


In the filter at the top, you can select which public holiday calendar, you would like to see. The icons cover different actions.

  • Plus: Creates a new and empty public holiday calendar for the current year
  • Pencil: Edits name and description for the public holiday calendar, which you have selected in the filter
  • Copy: Copies the public holiday calendar, which you have selected in the filter
  • Trash can: Deletes the public holiday calendar, which you have selected in the filter

After creating the public holiday calendar, you can select it on the employee card under Employees -> Search employees -> Edit employee.

The selected public holiday calendar and the employee’s normal working time is used to calculate the expected work time (flex) and the employee’s vacation. Public holidays do not count as workdays and are not calculated as part of the vacation.

Public holiday calendar

Here you see an overview of your public holiday calendars, where you see the most recent at the top.

You can add public holidays by clicking the Add public holiday button. Then you need to enter a name, a date and the duration. In Duration, you select if this holiday is a half or full day off. If you select a half day, it means the employee is expected to work half of the normal working time for the day. This is reflected in the flex time when flex time is activated. You may also select to enter the number of working hours in case this is not a half or full day off. Remember to click Save to save the public holiday.


Maintenance of the public holiday calendar is crucial for the time registration in several parts of TimeLog and it should be updated around the turn of the year. The public holiday calendar is used and shown in the timesheet, the absence calendar and in the personal holiday calendar.

In the view, you have the option to copy a public holiday calendar year, and edit or delete single days for each year by clicking the pencil or trash can. Remember to change the dates, so they match the new year. This makes it easy to create future public holiday calendars.

The updated public holiday calendar is used to calculate the employees' flex and vacation.

Last updated 11 Jun 2020