Absence calendar


The absence calendar provides you with an overview of your employees’ absence distributed on your absence codes within a given period of time.



At the top of the page, you select for which period you would like to see the registrations. At the same time, you select if you would like to see the start date, week numbers or the month name in the view.

Please note: In the Absence code selection list, you can select to see more absence codes at the same time to get a total overview of the employees’ holiday and absence. This may help you to recognise absence patterns, in case you need it.

When you click Show, you get a graphical view of the absence for your employees.

Overview of the absence calendar

You can change the graphical view to the left, and you have the option to move the calendar period back or ahead in time by clicking ◄ ► to the right.

The coloured blocks show your employees’ absence in the selected period.

  • Green = Holiday 
  • Dark grey = Illness
  • Light grey = Weekend
  • Dark pink = Non-compensated absence
  • Blue = Compensated absence
  • Pink = Public holiday

If the planned holiday covers weekends, the block is separated into one or more blocks. If you mouse over the coloured blocks, you will see a detailed description of the absence type.

The vertical light grey blocks indicate weekend days (Saturdays and Sundays) and the pink indicate public holidays. If you see lighter blocks in a public holiday marking, it is a half day off (e.g. New Year's Eve and Constitution Day (depending on your country).


Special remarks

You must always have 100% zoom in your browser, when you use the report. Otherwise you will experience that the colours do not fit into the boxes.

Save filters

It is possible to save your filters, so you do not need to set your filter manually each time you need to perform a search.

Click the small arrow next to the Show button and select Save this filter. Hereafter, you will always be able to find your saved filter, if you click the small arrow.

If you have a filter, which you wish to use as default, you can set it under Page settings (click the gears icon in the top right corner), where you can select from your saved filters. If you mark Load data automatically, then the data will show in the results list right away, when you access the page.

Last updated 07 Jun 2023

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