Invoice drafts


In the Invoice drafts menu, you can quickly create an overview of and search for invoices, credit notes, vouchers and reminders that are not booked yet. You can search for drafts on the basis of several parameters such as customer, invoice no. (or a series of numbers), projects and their specific contracts, currency and department affiliation. The icons next to the invoices make it possible to carry out specific actions, e.g. delete, print or book, on one or more drafts in one procedure directly.


As default, invoice drafts show all drafts no matter when they were created and who was set as the owner. This can be adjusted via several filter options.


Under the headlines View and Show details, you specify your search criteria Next to the Show button, there is an arrow function which opens the opportunity to save the current filter or load and use previous filters

When we mention invoice drafts below, it covers all types of drafts incl. invoices, credit notes, vouchers and reminders.

Customer: Show invoice drafts on this customer only
Project manager: Show invoice drafts where this project manager’s projects are included only
Project: Show invoice drafts on this project only
Task: Show invoice drafts where this task appears only – only selectable, if a project is selected et projekt
Contract: Show invoice drafts where this contract appears only – only selectable, if a project is selected
Contract type: Show invoice drafts where this contract type appears only
Standard period: Show invoice drafts created in the pre-defined time period only
Period: Show invoice drafts with expected invoice date in this time period only
Full text search: The Full text search searches on customer name, invoice headline and invoice message
Customer contact: Show invoice drafts where this contact is the attention person on the draft only
Account manager: Show invoice drafts where projects with this person are included only
Partner*: Show invoice drafts where projects with this person as partner are included only
Department, projects*: Show invoice drafts where the selected department’s projects are included only (only available with the Department structure)
Department, invoice*: Show invoice drafts where the selected department is set as owner of the draft only. As a default, the draft gets the same department affiliation as the person creating the draft. This can be changed before the invoice is booked (only available with the Department structure)
Invoice type: Show documents of the selected type only (default setting is invoice drafts and credit note drafts)
Invoice design: Show invoice drafts using this design only
Currency: Show invoice drafts in this currency only

*These filter options may be hidden, if they are disabled in the system administration or not available in your version of TimeLog.

View options

Show drafts not ready for invoicing: Also shows draft that are not yet marked as ready for booking. This is done on the single drafts or in the results list. Read more below

Show total amount: Show an extra column Total amounts incl. VAT in the search result

Show VAT: Show an extra column VAT in the search result

Show internal note: Show an extra column Internal note in the search result. Internal note is an extra field on invoice draft, where you may write information that is not included on the customer’s invoice 

Show booked: If this option is selected, also booked invoices, credit notes etc. are included in the list to provide a complete overview. It is not possible to take action on the booked invoices directly in the list. If you click the invoice no. in the Invoice no. column, the invoice opens for review

Result lists

You open a draft by clicking Draft in the Invoice no. column or the Show invoice icon. It is possible to sort all columns by clicking the column headline.

Right to each line there is an icon with the following meanings:

  • Grey circle The invoice is not ready for booking
  • Green check mark The invoice is ready for booking

You can change the status by clicking Ready for booking on each single invoice or by clicking the circle and change status directly in the results list.

The icons in the single invoice lines provide several options to carry out multiple actions on each draft. If you click the icons, the associated actions are opened.

The six icons are from the left to the right:

  • Edit invoice draft
  • Book invoice draft
  • Delete invoice draft
  • Copy invoice draft
  • Enter an Internal note on the invoice draft
  • Print invoice draft

If you mark several checkboxes to the right of the invoice lines in the results list, you can use the Select action menu to carry out the same action on more drafts simultaneously. This functionality can e.g. be used to book all selected lines or change status to Ready for booking. Thereafter, click the OK button to perform the chosen action.

Special remarks

It is possible to pre-define filters and layouts in the Page settings. It is also here, you set up what standard filter is pre-selected when you open the page, and if the page automatically loads the data contained in the standard filter when you enter the page.

It is not possible to use the action menu to process drafts in the Invoice drafts report.

AUTO SAVE: Please note that this page automatically saves your information each time you change and leave a field. There may be a short delay on the save action, so please do not leave the page before you see a green flash as confirmation of having saved the data on the last field you have edited.

Last updated 06 May 2021