Salary periods


You use the Salary periods page under Employees to mark and see the status of your completed salary transfers.


The use of salary periods ensure the quality of your salary transfers, so you get the right data in the salary system. Remember to activate the functionality for the roles, who need access to it. You can read more about role management by clicking here.


In the filter at the top, you have several selections based on your TimeLog setup.

  • Year: Here you select the year you want to see the salary periods for. The default selection is this year
  • Legal entity: Here you select which legal entity’s salary periods you would like to manage
  • Pay period: Here you select which pay period you would like to manage. Remember to manage all used pay period types

When you have made your selections in the filter, you click Show to the right.

Save filters

It is possible to save your filters, so you do not need to set your filter manually each time you need to perform a search.

Click the small arrow next to the Show button and select Save this filter. Hereafter, you will always be able to find your saved filter, if you click the small arrow.

If you have a filter, which you wish to use as default, you can set it under Page settings (click the gears icon in the top right corner), where you can select from your saved filters. If you mark Load data automatically, then the data will show in the results list right away, when you access the page.

Salary periods

To the left you see your salary periods, and for each period you see a salary date to the right and two columns marked with Transferred and Completed.

A checkmark means that the transfer is completed.

A grey dot means that the transfer is not completed.

You can click the icons to change between the two status markings.

When a salary transfer is completed for all salary groups, you click the grey dot in the Transferred column next to the period in question. When the salary transfer is completed in the salary system, you click the grey dot in the Completed column next to the period in question.

When you have marked a period as transferred, you cannot transfer further salary data to the salary system.

If you use Zenegy

If you need to re-transfer salary data for an employee, you first need to delete the previously transferred data in the salary system, and then change the status in all fields to not completed. If there is data in Zenegy already and you try to transfer again, it will throw an error, which you can see in the integration log.

Last updated 21 Jun 2023