User roles and rights


In TimeLog, there is a role link between the users and functionalities. The roles define which reports and functionalities in TimeLog each single employee has access to.


The idea is that you create a role in TimeLog per functional profile in your company, e.g. bookkeeper, approver, project manager and salary manager. Thereafter, each employee is linked to the roles, which are relevant for their work tasks in the system.

Creating new roles

You create a role by navigating to the System administration -> Employees -> Roles and rights management. Here you click New role.

This opens a window where you

  1. Enter a role name
  2. Enter a short description of the role
  3. Select which areas the role should have access to

Hereafter a new page opens, where the areas are marked and list pages and content. Here you select if the employee should have access to all functions in the area in question. Remember to check off the privileges to the right, as they e.g. determine if the employees’ role can track time for him/her self and/or others.

If the role also should have access to the pages in the system administration, you click System administration pages to the right and mark the pages. Please note that all pages are marked when you add a new area to a role.

Editing roles

If you later on would like to change the role’s content, you can easily mark the new areas with checkmarks in the squares next to the names. You can delete the areas you no longer want the role to have access to by clicking the trash can next to the area name.Please note that the changes apply for all employees with that role.

Deleting roles

If you would like to delete a role, you need to click the trash can next to the name. If you would like to delete more at once, you need to mark the boxes to the right and then select Delete in the Select action menu in the top. Remember to click OK to complete the action.

Please note that you can only delete a role, if it is not linked to an employee.

In the User rights overview, you can get a list of all employees and their roles. Then you can easily find out which employee you need to edit to delete the role.

Special remarks

The sum of all roles determines which parts of TimeLog each single employee has access to. Your employees must have at least one role, but may be allocated more.

If you need to give one employee access to something specific, you can use the employee specific role, which you find on the customer card under Search employees -> Employee name -> Edit employee -> Employee specific role -> Edit. Then you can add and delete areas as described above. It is also on this page you mark which roles the employees should be linked to.

Last updated 21 Jun 2023