Employee module settings


You set up the employee module in the System administration -> Employees -> Employee module settings.


The settings here help you select some default values, so you do not need to select them again and again when you create new employees.


Here you select, if you would like employee ID to be shown for your employees. If you mark this field, please note that you will need to enter an ID for all your employees. If you have activated a salary integration, you need to make use of employee IDs.

This is also where you select the default pay period for your new employees. Please note that a change of pay period will update all employees in your TimeLog. If you enabled Advanced salary time administration, you can select a different pay period on the employee cards and in reports that filter on pay period.

Defaults for new employees

Here you select the allowance legislation, which is set as default for your employees.

Configuration of advanced salary management

Here you can activate which parts of the salary management you would like to use in your setup.

  • Salary accounts enable you to divide your salary and absence codes into different accounts, e.g. time off in lieu
  • Salary specification enables you to register time on Supplement and Paid out codes to e.g. register the number of service duties or overtime work to be paid out
  • Salary groups enable you to activate and deactivate codes for specific employee groups, e.g. employees with kids or employees working part time

The setup itself you do under Salary accounts and Salary groups.

Last updated 01 Jul 2020