Integration log


This report presents a log of transactions between TimeLog and integrations to financial and salary systems.


This report provides an overview of transactions made, and whether they have completed or failed.


At the top of the page in the filter, you can select which integration you would like to see transactions for.

Under View, you have the following options:

  • Integration: Here you select the integration you would like to see transactions for
  • Transaction no.: If you would like to search for a specific number, you enter it here
  • Standard period: You can select a pre-defined period in the system
  • Period: Here you may select a date span yourself
  • Full text search: Here you may e.g. search for Employee ID and name, if you use a salary integration, and search for e.g. invoice no., if you use an integration for your financial system.

Under View options, select your desired transaction types for the integration:

  • Pending
  • Failed
  • Partially failed
  • Successful


In the transaction list, you see transaction no., status, type, task and date and time for when the transaction was performed.

If you click the plus to the left, the transaction expands, and you see all steps it has been through incl. a status for each step.

The transaction status is marked green if completed, and red if an error occurred. If it is yellow, the transaction is partially completed.

Special remarks

Remember to activate the functionality for the roles, who need access to it. You can read more about role management by clicking here.

Last updated 07 Jun 2023