Product numbers


Create product numbers to be used for your invoicing.


Product numbers are used in TimeLog to link services and expenses to e.g. financial accounts in the accounting systems. If you have the option to use one of TimeLog’s integrations to financial systems, the product numbers from there are imported directly into TimeLog via the integration setup.

If you would like to make use on TimeLog’s invoice line export, and it you would like to include the product number, you would need to create the needed product numbers on this page.

Product numbers are activated via the System administration -> Finance -> Invoice settings.

Report view

In the Configuration of product numbers section, you link the product numbers to the project dimension.

The table shows the created/imported product numbers’ No., Name, Description and Status. A green marking shows that the product number is active, can be linked and selected on an invoice draft.

How to use…

Click New product number to create a new product number to use for your invoicing.

Click the edit icon to change an already created product number. Then click Save.

If you have several product numbers which you need to be change status for in one action, you can mark them in the checkboxes to the right and select the action in the menu just above the table. Click OK to complete the action.

Special remarks

Product numbers which are used on an invoice cannot be deleted, but you may deactivate them. Then they cannot be selected on invoices anymore.

Last updated 21 Jun 2023