Product number mapping


Here you can link you product numbers, and this eases your invoicing process as product numbers are selected automatically on the invoice lines.


You find the setup in the system administration -> Finance -> Product number mapping.


In the filter at the top, you select which type you would like to select product number for. The options depend on the setup you have made in your integration setup. When you select a type, the options are listed automatically below.

If you use TimeLog MLE, you have the option to select for which legal entity you would like to do the mapping.

Product number mapping

In the results list, you see the types for which you can select product numbers. When you click the selection list next to each option, you get a list of available product numbers to choose from. You can only see the product numbers, which you have imported from your financial system or created yourself in TimeLog. If you use TimeLog MLE, you will only see the product numbers, which belong to the selected legal entity.

Why should I map product numbers?

The benefit of mapping your product numbers are that TimeLog automatically finds and adds the product number to each invoice based on the settings you have done in the system administration.

It eases the work for the single employees working with the invoices, as part of their task is automated and they do not need to remember to add a product number manually to each invoice line. It helps you to centrally secure the data quality of the invoices, as the value is saved correctly as soon as the invoice is booked in the financial system.

You maintain your product numbers via Product numbers under Finance in the system administration.




Last updated 11 Jun 2020