Payment methods


Get an overview of the created payment methods, create new ones or edit the existing methods. In the top filter, you decide if you would like to see all, active or inactive payment methods.


Payment methods

In the list you see the available payment methods based on your filter selection. Next to the name it is marked, if the employee is reimbursed for the payments. If the methods are marked with No, they will not be visible, when entering personal expenses in the system. They will only be visible when adding project expenses.

The checkmarks mark if there is a default selection for the single expense. If there is no checkmark, no selection is made for the expense. If you would like to edit a method, you either click the name or the pencil to the right, which opens the fields. Remember to save your settings by clicking Save.

Create payment method

Click New payment method to create a new method.  Here you enter a name and decide if the payment method

  • decides if the employee is reimbursed
  • should be used as default for personal expenses and/or project expenses when users create new expenses in the system
  • Should be default for data imports

Click Save to save your new payment method.

Last updated 01 Jul 2020