New project expense


You and your employees can create expenses, which can be used for invoicing your customers. It could e.g. be invoices from sub-suppliers, purchases or licence payments.


Expenses are a part of your project costs, and you can invoice them to your customers as expenses on projects.

Creating a new expense

In the filter, you can search for Customer, Project, Project contract or Expense type. Once you start entering characters in the fields, the search is limited and you see the results right away. If you select a customer first, the project options are limited. If you first select a project, the customer is filled out automatically when you save the expense. Please note: Project contract disappears, if you select a project with only one available contract.

Entering information from the receipt

You can select a Supplier from the list, enter a Date and the Amount incl. VAT. If you have enabled multiple currencies in the system administration, you can select the currency next to the amount. The default selection is the currency your TimeLog system is set up to use, and you can change currency, date and rate by clicking it.

The VAT is calculated based on the settings you have made on your expense types in the system administration -> Time and exp ense registrations -> Expense types. If the number is wrong, you can edit it in the field.

In Payment method, you enter which method you used to pay for the expense. The available options depend in the setup in the system administration -> Time and ex pense registrations -> Payment methods. Here you will see all payment methods except for those marked as reimbursement for employees.

You may enter a Comment for the expense with additional explanatory information. The comment is used when invoicing the customer.

If it is enabled in the system administration -> Projects -> Project invoicing, you here have the option to mark the expense as Billable or not.

To the right, the calculation of the project expense is shown based on the numbers you have added from your receipt. You have the option to add a profit to the expense, and the total billable amount is calculated right away.

You have three options to save your expense:

  • Save: Saves and closes your expense and forwards you to the contract on the project
  • Save and new: Saves your expense and starts a new for the same project, which you have just selected

Add PDF files/pictures of your receipt to the expense

You have two options to add files to your expense.

  • You can click the upload icon to search for files on your computer. You can mark one or more files and upload them at the same time
  • You can make drag & drop of files from a folder on your computer and drag them directly into the browser. Once you drop the files, they are automatically added to the expense

You can add as many files as you like.

If you add a wrong file, you can delete it by hovering over the file, clicking the three dots and selecting Delete.

Remember to click one of the Save buttons to save the files to the expense.

Special remarks

You can also add pictures with our TimeLog Mobile app. You can read more about our app and download options on our website.

Importing expenses from the financial system

If you use one of our standard finance integrations, you have the option to import expense from there and into TimeLog. Read more in our help text.

Last updated 07 Jun 2023