ETC module settings


”ETC” means ”Estimate to Complete” and makes it possible for you and your employee to state your estimated outstanding work for a given assignment.



The page shows two ETC settings.

  • Warn when ETC is more than X days old:
    This setting defines whether the project manager is to see a warning on the screenshot Project progress (t.) on the sheet Project Plan for the individual project if an employee has failed to submit his/her ETC within the number of days stated as of this day.
  • Submission of uncertainty with ETC reporting
    This setting defines whether an uncertainty assessment is to be submitted when reporting an Estimate to Complete (ETC). The project manager is able to see this notification in the screenshot Project progress (t.) and in the log report available for all reported ETCs. Assessing uncertainty surrounding reported ETC is an excellent approach to highlight the exactness of estimates submitted.


The ETC function is activated from the System administration -> Projects -> Settings for estimated completion times (ETCs).

Last updated 06 Apr 2021