Project factor


The project factor report shows the results factor of various projects depending on setup (registered work, estimated work or work booked as revenue).


Report filters

  • Under View, select which projects to include in the report.
  • If you only wish to see projects within a project factor interval, enter the interval in the Project Factor From and To fields.
  • If you wish to calculate the project factor based on a specific day, enter the new date in the Status date field, or choose one using the calendar icon. Today's date is selected by default.
  • Under View options, indicate which additional projects and data to include in the report. If Show all columns is ticked, the Deprecation and Non-booked columns are added.
  • Click the View button to generate the report.

Report data

  • The columns show the project master data.
  • Click the project name or the action menu [ICON] and select [Details] to open the selected project’s registrations summarised by task, expenses and travelling.
  • The columns under Work (EUR) show the total project amounts by data type.
  • The Project Factor column shows the calculation results by project. The coloured background shows whether the figure is above (green), in the middle (yellow) or below (red) the required value. Click the project factor figure or the small arrow to open a pop-up window showing the data behind the calculation.

If the background colour in the PF (Project Factor) column is grey, the calculation data is missing; a calculation is not possible.

Project factor information

  • The View section shows the (Project name) and Status date on which the project factor calculation is based. If the Status date is changed, project task amount, expenses and travelling are changed as well to reflect the new registrations of the status date after clicking View.
  • The Project section shows the project master data. Clicking the project name opens the project, while clicking the customer name opens the customer information in Customers & contacts or TimeLog CRM.
  • The small table shows the general amounts of the project.
  • Click the Calculation link to see the values used in the project factor calculation. 
  • The Tasks table shows how the total amounts are distributed on individual project tasks.
  • The Expenses/Travels table shows registered project expenses.
  • The tip text below the report shows which calculation model was used to calculate the project factor figure. The setup is done in System administration. 
  • If Show all fields is ticked, the table expands to show the MTD (month to date) and YTD (year to date) columns.

Project factor calculation

  • After clicking the project factor figure or the Calculation link, a pop-up window opens, showing the amount included in the project factor figure.
  • The pop-up window lists the amounts entered into the calculation of the project factor figure for the individual form elements. The tips text under the table indicates the calculation model used.

Use the links in the Actions section to open the listed shortcuts.

Last updated 07 Jun 2023