Resource group


You can use resource groups to set up a group of employees that can work on a project’s tasks without being allocated to individual tasks for a specific number of hours. If the project is set up for time registration for members of the resource group, the chosen employees will automatically be allocated to all of the project's tasks. If the project is set up for time registration for allocated employees, the individual employees will be allocated directly to each task.


Set a Resource Group for a Project

  • Open the desired project and click on the RESOURCE GROUP tab.
  • Click Add resources to choose the desired employees.
  • Choose the Employee type to search for employees. Use the Search field to search for employees to add to the resource group. The search creates a running list of the employees that match the search criteria as you type, and the list only contains employees that are not already a member of the resource group.
  • You can search by first name, surname, initials (user name), department or employee type, and the employee’s workload in the project period is shown.
  • Tick the employees to add to the resource group. Edit the employee’s Hourly rate in the project, if needed, and click Add to add the employee to the project’s resource group.
  • Click [Cancel] to close the search section.

Deactivate Resource Group Members

Resource group members who no longer need to be attached to a project can be removed, deactivated, or reactivated.

  • Choose View Inactive resources to include these in the listing.
  • Tick the employee(s) that are having access to the project changed.
  • Choose the desired action in the choice list, click OK to the right and confirm with OK in the pop-up window.

Activate Resource Group Members

Last updated 15 Jun 2020