Indexation of price lists


Here you can read about how to index price lists in TimeLog via Projects -> Index hourly rates.


We recommend you to index your standard price lists first. Please note that the standard hourly rates in the customer specific price lists are indexed too. If the indexation should not affect your customer specific price lists, you need to make a separate indexation via the Selected hourly rates tab.


In the filter in the top, you have the option to adjust the results in your view.

The field Latest indexation before can help you limit your search and only show the price lists that you have not indexed after a specific date.

If you have more price groups on your price lists, you as a minimum need to select a price list and a price group before you click Show.

Next to the Show button, there is an arrow which opens the opportunity to save the current filter or load and use previous filters. You can collapse the filter, so you get more space for the results view.

Results view

Here you see the result of your search in the filter, and you can get started with your indexation. 

When you choose to see a customer price list, it will show:

  • Customer specific hourly rates
  • Overriden customer hourly rates
  • Standard hourly rates not overriden by the customer price list

All four view options provide you with an extra filter option via the action menu at the top right:

  • Show all
  • Show selected only
  • Show contracts with hourly rate deviations
  • Show contracts without hourly rate deviations

The last two can help you find the contracts where you have made deviations compared to your standard price list or your customer specific price list. When you select an hourly rate on a price list, it is also select in the specific results in your view, so you can always see the changes make their way to each single hourly rate.

  1. Enter the percentage in the field to the right of each line. If all are indexed with the same percentage, mark it over the list and enter it in the Same indexation for all field at the top
  2. Select if you want to round the hourly rates and how
  3. Select hourly rates from your standard price list and the customer specific price lists where your standard hourly rates are in use
  4. When you mark the fields, you still have the option to adjust each single hourly rate by changing either the percentage or the amount next to each hourly rate. Be careful where you add your checkmarks:
    - Next to the project: Gives all hourly rates on the project, no matter which contract, the same indexation
    - Next to the contract: Gives all hourly rates on the contract the same indexation
    - Next to the hourly rate: Only adds an indexation the exact hourly rate
  5. Click Index selected at the bottom
  6. Select if the price list in the system administration also needs to be updated with the indexation
  7. Enter a date
  8. Click Save

You can continue your work in the system while TimeLog indexes your hourly rates. You can get an overview of your previous indexations in the Indexation overview tab.

Did you make a mistake along the way? You can always overwrite data with a new indexation on the same data and adjust your hourly rates.

Last updated 07 Jun 2023