Under Contracts, you can get an overview of all the contracts on the project and edit them, if necessary.


Project information

On the top of the page, you find the overall Project information, which you can unfold to see the Overview, Status (project status and time tracking may be changed here directly) and three recurring key figures. You can always see how these figures are calculated by clicking the figures.

Here, you also see the Project totals that provide a full overview of the project finances. The numbers where you can see the details, are marked with a little triangle in the top right corner. To edit the budgets on the project, click the pencil to the right.

The contract overview

The next section is the contract overview. Here, you see all contracts created on the project. You can unfold each contract by clicking the contract bar. You can also unfold all contracts by clicking Expand contracts to the right.

For each contract, Budget key figures are shown together with the Revenue distribution. Click the pencil to the right to edit the budget key figures.
The three key figures (Est. hours, Est. Revenue and Invoiced) for the contract itself are also shown here. You can click Show calculations or click the figures to see how TimeLog has calculated the numbers.

The next section depends on the contract type on your project.

Time & material

First you have hourly rates, where all hourly rates on the contract are shown. Besides creating a New hourly rate (button above the list), you can edit, delete and deactivate hourly rates.

The hourly rates are specific for your project. If you have more than one contract on time and material, the hourly rates are valid for each contract.

When you create a new hourly rate, you need to enter a name and a rate. Then you have three options before you save the hourly rate:

  • Add as project hourly rate: Here the hourly rate is only created on your contract and can be used on the tasks linked to the contract.
  • Add hourly rate to your standard price list: Here the hourly rate is added both on the contract and on the standard price list in the system administration which are added when new projects are created.
  • Add hourly rate to your customer specific price list: Here the hourly rate is added both on the contract and on the customer specific price list which are added when new projects are created for this specific customer.

Fixed price

First you have the Payment plan, where all payments on the contract are shown. Besides being able to create a New payment (the button above the list of payments), you can edit, delete and mark payments ready for booking.

The remaining tabs are the same, no matter if you use a time and material or fixed price contract.

In the Tasks section, you get an overview of the tasks linked to the contract. In this overview, you can move a task to a different contract.

Under Expenses and Invoices and vouchers, you may create an overview of respectively the expenses and the invoices and vouchers available on the contract. In the Action menu to the right for the invoice/voucher, there is a shortcut to the voucher itself.

Special remarks

Learn more about hourly rates in TimeLog:

Last updated 07 Jun 2023