Add a resource to tasks


We here explain how you add resources to tasks.


How to add resources to tasks

When you are in a project, you click Add a resource to tasks…. Then a window opens, where you can select which department you would like to select an employee from, and then you select the employee. If you do not use the department structure, you will have the options to select between the resource group and all employees.

If you use TimeLog Skills

If you use the TimeLog Skills module, you can search for an employee with specific tasks by clicking Search in CV database, which leads you to the Search competences page. Here you select the competences you need from the employees. Then you go back to your project by using the Go to the project shortcut to the right, which leads you to the resource group, where you can add the employee by clicking Add resources. Then you allocate the employee to the tasks which (s)he should work on.

Last updated 07 Jun 2023