Approval of travels and expenses


Employee expenses can be approved in TimeLog.


Approving Expenses

In TimeLog, expenses can be approved directly, also providing an overview of which expenses have been processed and accepted to date. An expense can also be marked as needing to be further invoiced to a customer.

  • Select an Employee to see his/her expenses, or select All Employees for a complete overview of all employee expenses.
  • To further limit the search, select an Expense Type and a Payment Method. (Expense types and payments methods are set up in the System Administration/Time & Expense tracking).
  • Select Approval: All, Approved items or Not approved items. Select Not approved items for an overview of expenses that are not yet processed.
  • Select the Default Period from the menu or enter the dates in the fields.
  • Click on Show to update the list.
  • The list of expenses allows expense approval and a simultaneous indication of whether or not an expense is billable. Check the Approved box for approved expenses, and check the Non-billable box for entries that cannot be passed on to the customer.
  • Click on Update to save changes.

Special remarks

Use approval of expenses to approve employee paid expenses for reimbursement. An employee can also see when an expense has been processed. Under the general settings in System Administration, the approval options can be expanded to include Controlled and Paid.

Last updated 07 Jun 2023