Number series


In TimeLog in the System administration -> General settings, you can set up number series for e.g. customer number, invoice number and project number.


On this page, you have the option to define the number series you want to make use of in the system. If you make use of TimeLog MLE, you can set up number series per legal entity.


  • Active: Here you select, if you want to make use of the number series. If the number series is inactive, you can enter a number manually
  • Allow blank cell: If you want the option to add input manually in the fields, you need to deactivate the number series and check this field
  • The next columns are used to build the number.  
    • The elements show how the number is built. In the drop-down, you can e.g. select year, customer number or serial number
    • In the Sep. column, you can enter characters between the elements of the number. You can e.g. enter that project numbers start with P
  • Reset: Here you enter which element should reset the number series. If you e.g. select an element with year, the number series is reset at the turn of the year
  • Digits: Here you enter how many digits you need in the serial number
  • Next number: Shows you the next number in the series, if there is no customer number in it

At the bottom of the page, you can see examples of how your number series will look like after you click Update.

Last updated 02 Jul 2020