Employee cost price groups


You set up the cost groups in the System administration -> Finance  -> Employee cost price groups.

The system needs them for the cost calculation of your employees’ time tracking.



On the top of the page, you find the filter, where you can select to see active, inactive or all employee cost price groups. As default, you only see the active groups in the list. Click Show to see your groups in the list below.

Create new employee cost price group

  1. Click New employee cost price group
  2. Enter Name
  3. Enter Amount
  4. Click Save

Once you’ve set up the employee cost price groups, you can select a group and adjust the price for each employee via the employee cards.

Maintain employee cost price groups

The changes you make in the system administration only apply for new employees receiving the cost price group.

  1. Click the Name or the pencil to edit
  2. Change Name or Amount
  3. Click Save

If you want to update the cost prices for existing employees, you need to go to the employee card and click Change cost price.

Last updated 08 Dec 2021