Pivot report


This report is useful for extracting registrations with different accruals and groupings.


This report presents an extraction of data.

Report view

  • Under View, select the desired filters.
  • Under Grouping, select how to group your data.
  • Under View type, select whether to present the data in table or diagram form.
  • If you select Table:
    • Under View, select the data you wish to include in the report.
    • Under Accrual, select the desired type of accrual. If left blank, the data are presented as the total for the selected period.
  • If you select Diagram:
    • Under View type, select the desired type of diagram.
    • Under View options, select whether to present data as hours or per cent.

Special remarks

If you opt to show data in diagram form, you can click a section of the diagram to view a detailed overview of its registrations.

Last updated 07 Jun 2023