Payment plans – overview


This report provides an overview of project payment plans for a chosen period.


This report lists your projects. Next to each project are the payments of the payment plan. Click the arrow left of the project to expand it and view the payment plan at task level.
The table shows whether the payments have been approved for invoicing and whether the amounts have been invoiced. (Symbols are explained in the report’s legend).

This report is especially useful for:

  • Getting one complete overview of all project payment plans
  • Checking if all payment plan payments have been approved and invoiced
  • Performing a liquidity assessment for the coming months based on project payment plans

Report view

  • Under View, select the desired filters.
  • Under View options, you can opt to include additional information in the report.
  • Under Grouping, select whether to group data by week, by month or by quarter.

Special remarks

The bottom part of the table shows the totals. The right part of the table shows the project/task total, and below are three period totals:

  • Total sums up all payment plan payments per period.
  • Ready for invoicing sums up all payment plan items of the period which are ready for invoicing.
  • Invoiced sums up all payment plan payments of the period which have been invoiced.
Last updated 07 Jun 2023