Milestones are an evaluation point in a project, where the continued progress of the project can be determined.


By creating a milestone plan in a project, the project is divided into smaller and more manageable groups. The purpose is to ensure that the deliveries and instalments that must be achieved in the process are formulated precisely and can be communicated to others.

Creating a milestone

  • Open the project plan and click New milestone to open the New milestone section at the top of the project plan.
  • WBS no. is filled in automatically and indicates the location in the project plan. If this number is changed, the milestone will be placed according to the new WBS number.
  • Enter a familiar milestone Name. The milestone’s name will appear in the project plan after it is saved.
  • Specify the Date of assessing the project milestone. Use the calendar icon or enter the date directly in the field.
  • Select the Assigned supporter milestone (owner) in the drop-down menu. The milestone will be listed under notifications on the employee’s main menu with a  until the indicated date has passed and the indicator changes to .
  • Click Save to add the milestone to the project plan and close the section. Click [Cancel] to close the section.

Like tasks, milestones can be moved to a new location.

Maintaining milestones

  • Choose Edit in the menu or [Edit] to the far right of the milestone, and correct the relevant information.
  • Tick the Status box to close the milestone.
  • Click Save to update the project with your corrections.
  • The name on the milestone can also be changed by double-clicking the name and entering a new one. The milestone End date and Status can be changed by clicking the relevant fields and adding the new data.
  • Click Save to add the corrections to the project.

The location of the milestones in the project plan can be moved in the same way you move tasks within a project.

  • To move a milestone, hover over the shaded box to the far left of it.
  • Next, drag-and-drop it to the desired location. WBS no. to Milestones and tasks is automatically updated to the new project plan setup.
Last updated 07 Jun 2023