Flex balance (all employees)


With this report you can easily create an overview of the employees' time registrations on different salary codes. The report sums up the time registrations per salary code in a given period for each employee.



  • You can limit the report on Department (if the Department structure is active), Employee Type, or a single Employee from the drop down list.
  • To have all of one type shown, you choose e.g. Choose Employee at the top.
  • Select the period in the drop down menu Standard Period or by using the calendar icons.
  • Click on Show to create the report.

The Flex Balance Report

  • The columns under Time tracked, list the tracked time on various salary codes pr. employee. The numbers in the table are shown in centi-hours, and the number of columns under Time tracked depends on the number of salary codes which have been used by the employee during the chosen time period
  • The column Flex value lists the tracked time plus the time registrations with a flex factor from the extension Salary management.
  • The column Flex Adjustments show any adjustments of the flex account. Clicking on the number of hours or >, opens a new window with information on the adjustment.
  • The column Normal Working Time shows the employees normal work time for the chosen period.
  • The column Flex shows the number of hours in the flex balance for the chosen period.
  • The column Flex Balance shows the employees flex balance on the last day in the chosen time period.
  • When you click on the employee name, the report Main menu -> Flex Balance shows the employee's flex development week for week.
  • By checking the box under view options Show columns without registrations all salary codes will be represented in the table.


Last updated 07 Jun 2023