Budget follow-up


This report provides an overview of the budget and progress of your projects.


This report shows all the projects that hold information on contract value, budgets and remaining value/hours. It is useful for status meetings, project follow-ups and general reporting.

This report is especially useful for:

  • Assessing contract value and budgets (hours/amounts) for all selected projects
  • Calculating work in progress
  • Monitoring budget progress on fixed-price projects in hours/amounts
  • Assessing which projects have exceeded the budget

Report view

  • Under View, select the desired time period.
  • Under View options, you can select:
    • show working hours as time or value
    • show travels/outlays with working hours
    • show internal projects and projects without time registrations during the period
    • show negative remaining budget values, or whether to simply show “0”.

Special remarks

The report lets you click links and view e.g. registration overviews or go directly to a project.

Last updated 07 Jun 2023