Accounting – Projects/work in progress


This report shows registered and invoice work on current projects. It’s useful for getting an overview of fixed-price projects.


This report provides a complete overview of the financial KPIs of fixed-price projects.
It is particularly useful if your company primarily works on fixed-price projects and uses revenue recognition.

This report is especially useful for:

  • Assessing contract values, invoicing and revenue recognition on a customer/project basis.
  • Calculating work in progress in real time based on booked figures.
  • Calculating contribution margins on a customer/project basis for a selected period.
  • Viewing hourly values and costs of booked and non-booked hours/costs in one complete view.

Report view

  • Under View, select the desired filters.
  • Under View options, set limitations for projects to be included in the report and add data.

Special remarks

This report has a special filter allowing you to view only current projects. This makes it a useful tool for auditors and accountants.

Last updated 07 Jun 2023