Install and set up the TimeLog Tracker for Outlook


Learn how to install the TimeLog Tracker application for Microsoft Outlook.



Before you continue, you need to activate the Outlook integration on the user.

  1. Search for the employee via the Search employees page or the Super search field
  2. Click to edit the employee
  3. Check the Outlook checkbox under Access to extensions. It saves automatically


First, you close down Outlook, as the integration needs to be installed before you open up Outlook. Then you follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Register menu
  2. Click Time tracking apps
  3. Click the download link
  4. Copy the URL
  5. Start the installation and complete all steps

Microsoft Outlook

  1. Open your Outlook app
  2. Click the Calendar. Here you will now see TimeLog’s logo in the toolbar. This is the plugin that shows the errors and messages from TimeLog
  3. Click to create a new appointment
  4. Paste your URL in Site URL
  5. Enter your user name and password. They are the same you use to log in to TimeLog
  6. Click Test settings. If the entered information is correct, the fields turn green and you will gain access to the registration panel to the right
  7. Select Customer, Project and Task
  8. Change the Comment, if needed. The text is automatically taken from the subject line, and this is the one that is tranferred to your timesheet. The duration of the appointment is also automatically transferred to your timesheet.
  9. Save the appointment

Here is an example:

If you change data on the appointment in Outlook, the changes are automatically transferred to TimeLog for registrations in the future.

When you book calendar events in Outlook, the resource planner is also automatically updated with the information you enter on the event. You thereby see the actual workload for your employees, and you avoid unexpected surprises in the resource planning.

Multi factor authentication (MFA)

To activate the MFA support in the Outlook integration, you need to add a few extra settings to your security model and setup for each user. We have created a configuration guide, which you can read here. You may need help from your internal IT administrator to make it work.

Special remarks

TimeLog Tracker for Outlook is not supported in Windows for Mac, and you cannot use it when creating new events on your smartphone. If you have created an event on your Windows computer and transferred the information to TimeLog, the information will be updated, if you move your event in Outlook using your smartphone.

The Microsoft Outlook integration works with the following versions:

  • Exchange server 2010 and newer
  • Office 365
Last updated 12 Sep 2022