Edit travels


Here you can read how to edit your travel once you have created it.


Edit main information

At the top, you have the option to correct the main information for your journey. You do that by clicking Edit main information under Actions to the right.

This enables you to edit:

  • Project
  • Contract
  • Departure from
  • Departure date
  • Destination
  • Travel type
  • Return date
  • Purpose

Once you have edited the information, you click Save.

Enter the expenses for the journey

Under Travels in the middle of the page, you can specify your expenses related to your journey. All expenses have in common that you need to click the plus to the right to add them to the journey, once you have filled out the relevant fields.

If you e.g. flew to the destination, you click the little pencil to the right of Specified expenses and fill out the fields with the information from your flight tickets. Under Cost price (Currency), you enter the price for your flight tickets in the Incl. VAT field, and the system automatically calculate the VAT based on your system settings.

If you make use of allowances, you can add them in the same way by clicking the small pencil to the right and entering the information.

If you had expenses, which do not fall in one of the above mentioned categories, you can add them under Accommodation, unspecified.

Once you have entered our expenses, you can select Print under Actions, if your and your manager need to approve the journey with a signature.

Delete a travel

  1. Navigate to the Travels page
  2. Select Employee, Customer and Project
  3. Find your travel in the list
  4. Click the trash can to delete the travel
  5. Click OK
Last updated 07 Jun 2023