Resource allocations


If you have not compiled a resource group, or if some tasks require different hourly rates for certain employees than what is specified in the resource group, you can allocate employees directly to each task. If the project is configured to accept only time registrations from allocated employees, it is necessary to allocate the relevant employees directly to the individual tasks.


Allocating one or more employees to a task

  • Open the task menu next to the task to which you want to allocate employees by clicking the arrow after the task name and selecting Add resources. A search window pops up for finding employees to allocate to the task.
  • Select where to search for employees to the allocation, and use the Search field to find the desired employees.
  • You can search by first name, last name or initials (user name).
  • Select the desired employee(s) and enter the number of hours you wish to allocate to each employee in the Hours field.
  • The hourly rate is automatically suggested for the project's default hourly rate, but this can be edited in the Hourly rate (EUR) column for each employee.
  • If you need to allocate multiple employees to the same number of hours and at the same hourly rate, tick the For all selected check box. Hours and Hourly rate (EUR) are specified in the corresponding drop-down menus. Make sure the desired employees have been selected.
  • If the task budget is to be updated with the new allocation selections, tick the Align task budget with allocations check box.
  • Click Add to allocate the selected employees and update the task budget.

Allocate individual employees to multiple tasks

  • Click the Add resource to tasks link to open the pop-up window for allocating individual employees to multiple tasks.
  • Choose where to search for employees for allocation and select the current employee from the Employee drop-down menu.
  • For each task, TimeLog offers an hourly rate based on the setup of the project, task and resource group.
  • Specify the number of employee hours to allocate to the individual tasks in the Hours field with the desired hourly rate in the Hourly rate (EUR) field.
  • The check box is pre-ticked for the tasks where you enter hours and/or hourly rates. If you wish to allocate the employee to tasks with a fixed number of hours and hourly rates, tick the box.
  • If the employee is assigned to several tasks with the same number of hours and hourly rate, tick the desired tasks and then tick For all selected. The desired number of hours and the hourly rate is listed in the active fields.
  • Click the Add button to complete the allocation to the project and continue allocating a new employee.
  • Click the Assign and close button to add the allocation to the project and return to the task plan.

View allocated employees

  • On the Project Plan (h) and Project Plan (EUR) tabs, you can see who is allocated to which tasks. Click the grey-blue arrow next to the task name to expand the task and list allocated employees with their allocations and any registered hours.
  • Allocated hours and hourly rates can be edited directly in their respective fields.
  • For a list of which tasks each employee is allocated to, select Resource allocations in the menu list on the PROJECT PLAN tab at the top of the project view.

Allocate remaining hours

In certain situations, you may need to allocate remaining hours to project tasks for new or other employees.
Remaining hours are the hours that have not yet been registered on project tasks, i.e. task budget minus registered hours to date.
Before allocating these remaining hours, all employees should register project hours and synchronise with TimeLog Tracker.

  • Click the Add resource to tasks link to open the pop-up window for allocating individual employees to multiple tasks.
  • Select an employee from the drop-down menu.
  • The table incudes only the project tasks to which the employee is not allocated. The remaining hours are listed under Balance.
  • Enter the number of hours allocated to the employee in the Hours column next to the tasks in question. This will automatically select the task row.
  • Click the Add and close button to allocate the employee and return to the project plan.
  • If you wish to allocate more hours to the employee than stated in the task budget, you can update the budget by ticking Align the task budget with the allocated on selected tasks and clicking the Add and close button.
  • You can also allocate all of the remaining hours to the employee by ticking the desired tasks and clicking the Transfer the balance of hours button.
Last updated 07 Jun 2023