Company information


You find the page via the system administration -> My TimeLog account -> Company information.

It is only users with access to My TimeLog account who have access to see this information.
You can link My TimeLog account to a role in the System administration -> Employees -> Role and rights management.


Company information

Here you enter contact details such as address. You can't change your VAT no. or country yourself. If you want to do so, please contact us via


Invoice recipient

Here you select who should receive the invoice. It can be a user in TimeLog or a different recipient, who are not created in the system, e.g. a specific invoicing address.

It is possible to include more recipients:

  1. Click Add recipient
  2. Enter e-mail address
  3. Click Save

You can always see all changes to your subscription in the action log in the menu to the left.

Last updated 05 Apr 2022