Action log


On the Action log page, you get an overview of the changes that were made to your account.


On the page, you can see which employee has made changes to your account settings and when it was done.

You can see the following actions:

  • Change of edition of your TimeLog
  • Change of invoice information
  • Change of payment method
  • Purchase / deactivation of licences
  • Activation / deactivation / purchase of add on modules
  • Change of TimeLog responsible
  • Signing of agreements, e.g. data processing agreement and contract

It is possible for you to narrow your search, if you are looking for a specific setting on your account.

Special remarks

It is only users with access to My TimeLog account that have access to see this information.

You can link My TimeLog account to a role in the System administration -> Role and rights management.

Last updated 16 Jun 2020