Single Sign On (SSO)


You have the option to make use of SSO, if you are on a Professional or Enterprise version of TimeLog, where you have selected the “Departments and international employees” feature.


With single sign on through Microsoft Azure Active Directory, AD FS with WS-Federation, AD FS with SAML (under development) or Google Workspaces Identity, you can make sure your employees can log into TimeLog with their usual login.

The benefits for your users are that they avoid having to log in to different apps, and they only need to remember one password.

The benefits for the company are that SSO increases both productivity and security: You control and store logins and passwords, and nothing is stored in TimeLog.

Furthermore, SSO means that you control access to TimeLog centrally. It is thereby easy for you to disconnect to TimeLog (and other systems), if an employee stops in the company.

Please note: Single Sign On is not an integration between TimeLog and your AD. It only secures that login and passwords are controlled centrally. Employees are not synchronised automatically between the two systems. New employees need to be created manually in TimeLog and have the same username, as you enter in your AD. You also need to manually deactivate employees and remove the licences in TimeLog.

We have gathered all the technical information, help to set it up and pricing for you at this page.

Last updated 21 Jun 2023