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TimeLog's guides and process documents contain information about the configuration of various TimeLog features and the different processes within the system.

Contract management

In this white paper, we will go through the most common types of consultancy contracts and their use.

Quick guide - Managing hourly rates

TimeLog Project can automatically select what hourly rate should be used on the project and the single tasks

Two-step approval of time registrations

Quality assurance of time registration to boost profitability. Get off to a good start with two-step approval of time registrations.

Automatic revenue recognition (EVM)

This document describes when automatic revenue recognition in TimeLog Project is performed with or without the TimeLog EVM add-on.

Financial project management

The heart of TimeLog Project is a unique data model offering consultancy firms key strategic reporting and management benefits.

ETC – Kick start your project management

With ETC – Estimated Time to Completion – you always have an overview of the project plan and progress together with a solid tool to strengthen the communication between project managers and project members.

Project status, task status and project stages

How project managers can use TimeLog Project to handle workflows for processing orders indicating project statuses and tasks.

Resource management in TimeLog Project

The new resource planner is a handy tool for organisations. Book the resources and follow up on booked vs. registered work too. This whitepaper describes how to work professionally with resource management in every organisation.

Process center in TimeLog Project

Make use of internal processes and help both yourself and your colleagues to remember how tasks are done.

Resource groups and employee allocation

Get a clear view of your company's resource allocation and how employees are granted access to tracking time at various hourly rates in TimeLog Project.

Strategic time tracking

This whitepaper details how to fully optimise your business activities now and in the future employing strategic time tracking every day.