Transfer project expenses to finance system


On this page, you have the option to transfer your project expenses directly to your financial system.


You can transfer both personal and project expenses registered by the employees, e.g. via TimeLog Mobile. The transferred expenses are logged in the integration log, and you can see the transferred expenses’ expense number from the financial system.


In the filter in the top, you have the option to select expense type and payment method. You can also select a standard period or select to enter a date interval.

Here you also select, if you would like to see only non-transferred expenses, previously transferred expenses or ignored expenses.

Click Show when you have made your selection.

Result list

When you have made your search, you see the expenses which you can transfer to your finance system.

  • Date: Shows you the date for your expense
  • Employee: Shows which employee who has entered the expense
  • Expense no.: Shows you the expense number added in TimeLog
  • Description: Shows you the comment, which the employee has entered to the expense
  • Project no.: Shows you which project the expense is added to
  • ¤: Shows you the currency added to the expense
  • Expense no.: Shows you the expense no. from the finance system, if you have transferred the expense previously

The listed expenses are automatically marked in the checkbox to the right, and you can de-select the single expenses, if needed.

Click the buttons Ignore or Transfer to ignore or transfer the expenses.

If there are added pictures to the expenses, they will be transferred to the financial system and saved in the journal, which you have selected in the setup in the system administration.

Special remarks

It is possible to save your filters, so you do not need to set your filter manually each time you need to perform a search.

Click the small arrow next to the Show button and select Save this filter. Hereafter, you will always be able to find your saved filter, if you click the small arrow.

If you have a filter, which you wish to use as default, you can set it under Page settings (click the gears icon in the top right corner), where you can select from your saved filters. If you mark Load data automatically, then the data will show in the results list right away, when you access the page.


Last updated 21 Jun 2023