New adjustment of salary account for several employees


In the salary management pageyou can adjust a salary account for several employees at once.


At the top you select which date the adjustment should apply from.

In the textbox Hours you enter the number of the hours you would like to adjust the salary account with. If you want to subtract the hours, you must remember to add a minus (-). The format can also be days, and here the principle is the same.

In the comment fields you can e.g. add a text where you explain the reason for the adjustment. It is a good help for you and your employee, so you at a later time can remember why the adjustment was made. The comment is visible in the personal salaried time report.

Once done, you click the Save button.

Special remarks

If you would like to make an adjustment for a single employee, you can use the burger menu next to the employee’s name.


Last updated 21 Jun 2023