Personal data protection


To help you comply with GDPR, you need to enter a GDPR responsible contact, and decide how terminated employees are anonymised in TimeLog. This ensures that data cannot be linked to a specific person, but still be used in your reporting.


In the system administration -> General settings you need to enter Personal data protection. Here you can do the anonymisation setup.

Responsible contact

At the top of the page, you select the responsible contact, which is saved in our database. The responsible contact is the link between TimeLog and you as customer regarding everything related to data protection and EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This contact is the only person who can instruct TimeLog regarding processing of data not mentioned in the data processing agreement, e.g. import, export and change of data. The responsible contact will also be the one to receive news about changes related to data protection, e.g. change of sub data processors.

Data protection - Employees

You decide yourself when data are anonymised and/or deleted, if an employee is no longer employed.

To activate the deletion and anonymisation, you need to check the boxes and enter number of days and months in the two fields.

When former employees are anonymised, their data are transferred to one collective anonymous system user. Here all data from former employees will land and be anonymised to make sure that data cannot be linked to a specific person at a later point in time. Please note: You cannot return the data once it is on the anonymous system user.

Allow TimeLog permanent support access

Select to allow TimeLog permanent access to your site in relation to any support ticket. In this way, we can easier help you and assist you quickly when needed.

Special remarks

If you have used TimeLog before December 2018

When you set up the anonymisation of employees, it may mean that a lot of employees are anonymised with one action. You would therefore experience that it may take TimeLog a few days before all former employees are anonymised, since it is a large data package to process.

Please note: If you find inactive employees, who are still visible in TimeLog, it is because the date of resignation is missing on the employee cards. This date determines when the employee is anonymised.

Last updated 01 Jul 2021