Opportunity status in CRM


Here, you can create new opportunity statuses and see a list of the existing ones. It is possible to define a fixed forecast for each single opportunity status so they fit your sales process.



  • At the top, you select the Filter you want to use You can chose active, inactive or all opportunity statuses
  • Click New opportunity status to create a new opportunity status
  • Enter a name, e.g. Hot lead or Customer
  • You can enter Criteria, e.g. an explanation of how the status is to be used
  • If possible, enter a fixed forecast status that is set each time the opportunity status is used You can also choose if it should be possible for the single user to edit this forecast or if it should remain locked
  • Click Save

 You can change the order of the different opportunity statuses by using the drag and drop function.

If you wish to deactivate a status, you click the green button in the Status column, and it turns grey and is deactivated.

Last updated 21 Jun 2023