Hourly rates setup


In the system administration under Finance -> Hourly rates, you can create hourly rates for services and price groups, and adjust general hourly rates to be used on projects.


This page shows the crated services and the hourly rates or price groups.
The page is divided into two sections Filter and Hourly rates and the table shows the created hourly rates/price groups.


On the top of the page, you find the filter, where you can select to see active, inactive or all hourly rates on a specific legal entity or customer specific price list. As default, you only see the active hourly rates in the list. Click Show to see your hourly rates in the list below.

  • If you select Show as list under View options, you see the services for the selected price list and the hourly rates, if only one price group is available. If you have several price groups, the column Hourly rate in the table will be empty, but you see a small triangle next to the name of the service which you can click to see the price groups and the hourly rates.
  • If you select Show as matrix under View options, you see the services of the selected price list with the hourly rates in the individual price groups. You should use this view option, if you have several price groups.

In the filter, you can also create customer specific price lists. You do that by clicking the plus at the top. There you select the customer and if you would like to copy from your current price groups. When you click Save, you are directed to the new price list, where you can edit the rates.

How to use…

New hourly rate and New price group are created with a click on the buttons.

  • The Name column shows the name for the created service.
  • The Hourly rate column shows the hourly rate.
  • The Status column shows a green circle, if the hourly rate is active and can be selected in a project.
  • Mark the field to the right of a service, if you want to change status. Select the action and click OK.

If you need to adjust an hourly rate, select the view option Show as list and use the menus below the icon to complete the change.

Add changes in price lists to active projects

When changing a price list, you can add the changes to the active projects. 
When you change the name of a standard or customer specific hourly rate, this is updated on all related hourly rates in projects (also completed projects).
When you add a new hourly rate or delete one from a price list, you are asked, if you would like to update all active projects. If not, you simply click Cancel, and you can do the update via the indexation page at a later time.
If you click OK, the hourly rates are created in/deleted from all active projects that are related to the price list.
The same goes for updates of product numbers on hourly rates. If you make a change, the system will ask you, if you would like to update all related hourly rates. If you click Cancel, no changes are made. If you click OK, all related hourly rates are updated to have the new product number and all free time registrations and invoicing potential are also updated with the new product number.

Please note: You cannot delete a standard hourly rate from within a customer specific price list (not even an overridden one). This can only be done in the standard price list.

Last updated 01 Jul 2020