Timesheet status


This report provides a graphic representation of timesheet statuses and whether they are approved.


This report is useful for when you need an overview of your employees’ progress on time-registering and closing their working weeks.

The status of a timesheet is presented with the following icons:

  • Green checkmark = Timesheet approved
  • Green dot = Timesheet completed and closed
  • Yellow dot = Timesheet completed and open
  • Red dot = Timesheet empty

This report is especially useful for:

  • Following up on whether employees have closed their timesheets.

Report view

  • Under View, select the desired period and click Show.

Special remarks

Use the Request to close link to send a auto-generated system email to employees asking them to close their timesheets.

Please note that the timesheet status does not change, if you close an accounting period and lock the time registration. The timesheets must still be submitted to be reflected in the report.

Last updated 07 Jun 2023