Time registrations (new)


This report presents all time registrations within the selected filter.


This report is useful for generating a list of every single time registration in the system. You can also export the report to Excel in expanded pivot format, and it is useful for dividing data into various areas.

This report is especially useful for:

  • Reviewing registered hours on a project, customer, employee or department.
  • Exporting data to Excel for further processing using Excel’s pivot tool
  • Locating errors in contract setups and invoicing
  • Viewing all comments on time registrations

Report view

  • Under View, select the desired period.
  • Press and hold the Ctrl key to select multiple projects.
  • Under View options, select which additional columns you wish to include in the report.
  • Under Amount, select whether to view amounts in system or project currency.

To access additional filters and add columns to your report, click Extended filter and view options.

  • Grouping of hours and amounts lets you decide how you wish to group your values.

Special remarks

When exporting to Excel, you can export your current screen view or all data associated with the time registration.

  • Export = What you see on the screen
  • Full export = Includes all data that lies behind the registrations
Last updated 07 Jun 2023