You set up the integration in the System administration -> Integrations & API -> Integrations, so you can transfer configured salary data to Zenegy.



Connection setup

To get started with the integration, you first need to click Establish connection. This opens a new window, where you need to enter your e-mail and your password to Zenegy to log in. Then you need to scroll down to the bottom and click APPROVE ACCESS. Then you close the window, and you are ready to configure the integration.

We recommend that you have an extra licence for Zenegy. You need this licence to link the integration to, so you avoid to lose the connection, if a person changes login information or is no longer working at your company.

Select salary data for transfer

Here you select which data you would like to transfer to Zenegy from TimeLog.

Linking employee databases

The last step is to link the employee databases. TimeLog links the active employees in TimeLog with employees in Zenegy using their employee IDs and names.

Employees marked with yellow could not get an exact match.

The employees are linked by marked the checkbox next to the right of the employee name.

Select Link at the top right of the table.

Once you click OK, the data on existing TimeLog employees are overwritten with the employee information from Zenegy.

Please note: You need a TimeLog user license per employee you add in TimeLog.

Transfer approved salary data

When this setting is activated, you can only transfer approved salary data to your salary system. Your employees' reported salary data will show in the Transfer salary data page in the Employees menu, and the checkbox to the right of the employee row can only be checked when all data is approved by a manager.

Special remarks

Linking absence codes

For TimeLog to be able to transfer registrations on absence codes to Zenegy, the absence codes in TimeLog must have code numbers as in the example in the table below.

Absence codes










Extra vacation day

Vacation free day


Paid maternity leave

Paid maternity leave


Unpaid paternity leave

Unpaid paternity leave





Child’s first sick day

Child’s sick days

If you need to differentiate on the absence in TimeLog, it is possible to have two or more absence codes with the same number. The registrations are then summarised on the same absence type in Zenegy.

Last updated 08 Dec 2020

Getting started with the Zenegy integration