New customer


To create a project in TimeLog, you need a customer. The reason is that the customer’s information is used to fill out the relevant information on a potential invoice. You create a new customer under Customers -> +New customer.


Create a new customer

  1. Enter the Company name of the new customer.
  2. Enter Customer no.. If auto-numbering is activated in the System administration -> General settings -> Number series, this field is filled in automatically
  3. Select the Customer status in the drop-down menu to the right, which indicates whether the company is a supplier, partner or customer
  4. Select an Owner. The list includes all active employees in TimeLog. The owner can e.g. be the responsible sales consultant in the beginning and later an Account manager with the closest relation to the customer.
  5. Select Industry code, which offers you the option to sort and extract customers based on their industries
  6. Fill in the Contact details in the respective fields. If you have activated the separate invoice address option in the System administration -> Customers -> Customer module/CRM settings, it is possible to enter an address that is different from the visitor address entered under Contact details. This invoice address will be the one you see on the customer’s invoice
  7. Enter information related to the customer’s Finance settings. Here you can e.g. enter:
    • VAT no.
    • The customer’s invoicing currency
    • Standard Invoice design and Payment terms to be used when invoicing the customer
    • If you make use of One Click Invoicing, you can decide which invoice template you want the system to use as standard for your new customer
  8. You can enter a comment on the customer, if you have extra information. Comments are automatically created including today’s date and your login.
  9. Click Save or Save and New to save the information and continue to create another customer.
  10. You can create Contacts via the New contact link under Actions in the top, right corner of the screen.
  11. If you send many invoices to public institutions, and you want to make sure that the customer information live up to the demands for electronic invoicing, you need to activate OIOUBL (e-invoicing) in the System administration -> Finance -> Invoice settings.

Personal settings

If you click the gears icon, you have the opportunity to select your personal settings for the page. Here you can e.g. select which country or currency you want filled in, when you create a new customer.

You only need to select this once, then your selections are used for all new customers you create in the future.

You can also select a personal shortcut key to create new customers.

You can always change your settings, if needed.

If you use TimeLog CRM

Then you have the option to enter Groups on your customer card. The groups are set up in the System administration -> Customers -> Groups, and requires you have access to TimeLog CRM.

Last updated 21 Jun 2023