New contact


TimeLog’s index of contacts makes it possible to manage the company’s contact information. A contact can be added to an invoice or a project through the index.


Creating a new contact

  • Go to Customers and +New customer
  • Enter the First Name and the Surname of the new contact.
  • Select an Owner of the contact. The owner is usually the person in the company who manages the customer’s account.
  • Select the Customer to which the contact belongs. 
  • Fill in the Contact Details in the appropriate fields.
  • Click on Save or Save and New to store the information and create another new contact.
  • After the new contact has been created, the person that the contact Reports to can be selected, such as the contact’s superior. This creates an overview of the hierarchy within a company. Please note that this is only possible after the contact has been saved.
Last updated 21 Jun 2023

Customer management