Expense and travel registration


You set up your expense and travel registration in the system administration -> Time and expense registrations -> Expense and travel registration settings.


It is important that you take your settings for expenses, travels and mileage into account, as they can affect the value for your projects. In each section, you can mark the options which you would like to make use of.

Travel expenses and expenses

You have several options to select different settings for your expense registrations.

  • Payment method in the expense report: Provides your employees the option to search the report based on payment method
  • Supplier: Decides, if you would like the supplier to be added to the expenses you add on the projects
  • Allowances in the Travel expenses module: Decides, if your employees should add allowances when they enter travel costs on the projects
  • Unspecified in the Travels: Decides, if your employees should add unspecified accommodation when they enter travel costs on the projects
  • Expense no.: Decides, if there is automatically shown a number to all expenses added on the projects

Configuration of mileage registration

You have several options to select different settings for your mileage registrations.

  • Reimbursement taxable split: If you mark this field, you can split the reimbursement in a taxable and non-taxable share. Use it, if your employees are compensated more than what is set by law. This at the same time helps your salary bookkeeper when data is exported from TimeLog and imported in the salary system
  • Account no. in the financial system: If you mark this field, you get the option to add account numbers to your mileage rates. The account numbers are shown in data extraction reports, and you can use them to import mileage as costs in your financial system.
  • Show odometer: If you mark this field, your employees get the opportunity to enter the car’s odometer’s start and end on mileage registrations. This is both for private and company cars. You can also mark, if the employees must enter the numbers


  • All employees can register expenses and travel expenses on all active projects: If you enable this feature, all employees can register travel expenses and other expenses on all projects. If the function is disabled, the employee can only register expenses on the projects they are allocated to or where they have already tracked time

Expense profit

You have the option to add profit to your project expenses, which are automatically calculated and added when the invoice is sent to the customer. You have three options to choose from:

  • Fixed profit: Here you as system administrator decide what the profit should be for all expenses
  • Standard profit: Here you decide the profit which should always be suggested for the expenses. Your employees will also have the option to select a different one, when they add the expenses to the projects
  • Optional profit: It gives your employees the opportunity to decide which profit to add to the expenses, as none is added as a default. If you select this opportunity, it is a good idea to agree on some guidelines with your project managers

Special remarks

See a demo of how it works here:

Last updated 01 Jul 2020